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Sandy Welbourn Biography

Sandy Welbourn joined CRC as our administrator in 1998 when the CRC Board of Directors decided the position needed a higher degree of attention than it had received from the previous provider. Sandy was a successful Executive Assistant with FMC Corporation for over 40 years until the time of her passing.

Her executive skills enabled the CRC President and Board of Directors to perform at higher levels. Not only did Sandy perform mundane administrative tasks, but she also used her suggestive influence for the betterment of the organization. Sandy was a project manager at heart and her attention to detail was evident in all she did.  She always planned ahead and kept the CRC’s Board of Directors’ interest at heart.  Her loyalty to CRC, as well as the other areas in her life, was inspiring.  Continuity came to each “board year” with Sandy instituting her own informal “time line” as a form of reminder to the President / Board of Directors. While Sandy assisted each committee with their objectives, her assistance to the Program Planning Committee was where she connected directly with the general membership. After performing all of the administrative tasks related to each meeting she, on many occasions, would assist the registration desk by passing out name tags and assisting where needed. 

Dedication, loyalty and strong will best describe Sandy’s predominant characteristics, especially in her personal life. Married for 37 years Sandy lived by the motto of the three F’s; good friends, great family, and a deep faith. Nothing brought her greater joy than to see success and happiness in her family’s personal and professional lives. She was a very religious woman. During good and bad times she would turn to her strong catholic faith. She stayed active in the church by volunteering her time to the food pantry, even after she was diagnosed with cancer.

She would spend her free time gardening and cooking dinner on Sunday evening was always family time. Her one guilty pleasure was going to the casino or gambling boat and playing the one arm bandits (penny slots). She would express her creativity through occasionally sewing. The fact that she was always willing to help out and never would say no was evident in both her personal and professional life. Sandy was not too busy to ask about the wellbeing of others and often would pick up the phone to make sure her co-workers were okay. 

Not known to most CRC members was the fact that her sons actually helped Sandy with some of the Membership Committee projects. They were frequent contributors to the membership mailer projects as well as some of Sandy’s other “home work” activities. Almost all of Sandy’s CRC Administrator duties were performed during her personal time. Sandy worked tirelessly late into the night on many occasions in order to complete her CRC tasks. It has been said by many that Sandy Welbourn was the “glue that held CRC together”. 

Sandy was passionate and professional to the end, and most importantly, she did it all with a great smile.

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