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CRC Speaker Checklist


  • Upon Agreement to Speak: Complete the CRC speaker form (below)
  • 14-Days Prior to CRC Meeting:  Presentation materials due to CRC 
General Information

Thank you for agreeing to share your professional insights at the upcoming Corporate Relocation Council (CRC) meeting. We truly appreciate your willingness to participate and share your expertise. Here you will find an outline of key deadlines and information about your participation. 

This form allows CRC to use your name in promotional materials leading up the event, and to make requests for any special A/V needs. We will confirm the meeting A/V arrangements with you the month before the session and appreciate any information you can provide now to assist in planning. While we can not guarantee you request will be met (we host at various sites and may have A/V restrictions), we will do our best to accommodate. By submitting the requested information and entering your name at the bottom of this form, you agree to the terms of your speaking arrangement.

Thank you, again, for agreeing to participate in the upcoming CRC meeting!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our CRC Planning Chairs.

Biography and Photo

Your biography and photo will be included in meeting marketing materials and for introduction purposes at the meeting. Please include your name, job title and company name at the beginning of your biography.

Presentation Materials

Meeting materials must be submitted electronically to the CRC Planning Chairs. The deadline for all materials is TWO WEEKS prior to the event. Late submissions may not be accepted. Our CRC Planning Chairs need time to review all materials and work with the venue to ensure the Power Point will operate correctly for the meeting.

You may download the CRC Power Point template here to use. 

The CRC Power Point template is the only acceptable presentation format we will accept. 

Meeting Registration

Speakers are required to register for the meeting. Travel fees are not reimbursed by CRC.

By entering your name below, you accept the Corporate Relocation Council's (CRC) invitation to speak at the upcoming CRC meeting, and agree to the following:

  • I will be responsible for all travel arrangements and expenses that I incur. I understand that I will not receive any royalties, honoraria, reimbursement of expenses or other compensation from CRC in connection with the program or the rights granted above.
  • I give my consent for CRC to record my presentation in audio and/or visual form. 
  • I authorize CRC to use my name, likeness, photograph and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of the program.
  • To the best of my knowledge, my presentation does not violate any proprietary or personal rights of others (including any copyright, trademark and privacy rights), is factually accurate and contains nothing defamatory or otherwise unlawful. I have the full authority to enter into this agreement and have obtained all necessary permissions or licenses from any individuals or organizations whose material is included or used in my presentation.
  • I agree to use presentation templates and logos provided to me by CRC for any presentation and/or handouts I may utilize in connection with the program, and I agree not to use these templates and logos in any way except in connection with this or other CRC programs.
  • I agree to notify CRC Planning Chairs immediately if an emergency should prevent me from meeting my obligation as a conference speaker.
  • During my presentation, I will not promote, market or sell any product or service, or disparage CRC in any way.
  • During my presentation, I will refrain from inappropriate or disparaging language, either oral or written, and respect the professional nature of the organization
  • I agree to comply with all program-related deadlines provided to me by CRC including but not limited to deadlines for handouts, A/V requests, etc..

I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.

Thank you Sponsors!

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