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If you are interested in membership with CRC please contact Betsy Ortolano,

Membership Chair, at Betsy.Ortolano@accenture.com for more information.

REACH OUT is an initiative for the membership program developed in 2005. This program is being sponsored by the Publicity and Membership Committees. The objective is for each of us to be able to introduce a non-member corporation to our group at no cost to the Reach Out Guest and it gives the member host a 50% discount on their meeting fee. It is essentially a free introduction to our CRC educational culture.

When a current CRC member company introduces, sponsors, registers and brings a corporate guest to a CRC meeting, the CRC member company's corporate guest can attend the CRC event at no cost. The sponsoring CRC member can be a corporate member or a service member. You are welcome to bring as many corporate guests as you wish to either of these meetings. However, if the CRC sponsoring member company's guest has a reservation to attend the CRC event and does not attend the CRC event, the CRC member company will be assessed one half of the non-member meeting fee.


Transitional Membership

If you are in transition and interested in membership with CRC please contact Betsy Ortolano, Membership Chair, at Betsy.Ortolano@accenture.com for more information.


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