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Relocation Management Companies

Most corporations rely on the services of a relocation management company to carry out the benefits of their relocation program.  Many corporations contract out the entire employee relocation services program to a relocation management company, which, in turn, manages relationships with service subcontractors, i.e. Brokers, appraisers, inspectors, career consultants, lenders.


Relocation management companies address: home selling, home finding, household goods shipment, mortgage assistance, property and expense management, rental assistance, and even family assistance such as locating children's schools and spousal assistance. They are also equipped to handle international moves including tax, visa/immigration, and cross-cultural issues. Relocation management companies will often buy an employee's home outright (for a carefully calculated fair-market price) so that the transferee (and family) may concentrate on the new job and new community.

As with any outsourced service, corporations benefit from a provider that is familiar with the industry and processes and has the time to devote to those processes.

Beyond the general benefits, such as time savings and ability to focus on core competencies, there are other advantages of using a relocation management company:

  • Assistance when creating or revising the relocation policies - uses industry benchmarks to establish best practices for corporate culture
  • Enforcement of policies - when confronted with unreasonable requests, the outsourced provider can be the gatekeeper and ensure that policies are consistently applied and that the program is equitable for all employees
  • Better service to employees - the provider serves as a point of contact for relocating employees to get assistance quickly
  • Management of service providers- the management company ensures that providers deliver service in a timely fashion

    What's unique about Chicago and relocation management companies?

    From a corporate standpoint, Chicago and its surroundings enjoy the expertise of many experienced corporate relocation managers, with many helping develop the industry standards developed by organizations such as ERC. Few regions of the country have Chicago's corporate relocation manager's depth of experience. 

    From a providers' standpoint, a number of well respected relocation companies are headquartered in Chicago and the surrounding areas.  Additionally, some of the large relocation companies have operational centers in Chicago.

    Authored by CRC Members:

    Ellie Monty - Promisor Relocation

    Susan Bender  - NRI Relocation Inc. Overview - Relocation Management Companies 

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